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October 2021

Alexa Powered Smart Home Now In India

Alexa Powered Smart Home Now In India

24/04/2020 | Ashwanth k

Alexa Powered Smart Home Now In India

Use Alexa to control your smart home with your voice. Welcome to the Z-Wave India Alexa Smart Home Store, where you’ll find great products on a wide range of Alexa smart home products you can control with your voice. Z-Wave India and Hogar Controls have combined forces to bring Alexa control to the Smart Touch Panels, Lights, RGBW, AC and Fan, Video Doorbell, Multi-room Audio, IP camera, Automated scenes. Just ask Alexa to switch on a lamp, dim the lights, increase the temperature, or lock the front door.

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Dealers, Installers, And Re-Sellers:

If you are a Smart Home dealer or an installer and if you have registered in our website but still can’t see the price, then its probably because you registered as a customer but not as a dealer or an installer. To see the price, you will have to register for an account and go through the dealer/installer sign up process. Please email us at info@z-wave.in to get started with the registration process.

Z-Wave India offers various special discounts to dealers, installers, and re-sellers of home automation and networking products based on your region. Join our dealer program now! ask for a wholesale discount program and receive bulk discounts. Call us to know which discounts you qualify for.

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Z-Wave India is the premier national distributor for the most advanced and unique home automation systems! Whether you are a professional installer or a dealer, our online store carries the supplies you need to create an incredible smart home. From top-quality home automation products to free tech support, Z-Wave India is your one-stop-shop for designing and building a reliable, custom smart home system. We guarantee customer satisfaction by offering expert product advice, friendly service, competitive prices, fast shipping, and even professional dealer support. When you have a home automation project to complete, look no further than Z-Wave India.

Internet Based Smart Home Automation Systems | Z Wave India

Internet Based Smart Home Automation Systems | Z Wave India

04/05/2020 | Ashwanth k

The smartest and most intelligent system is the demand of modern society which is directly interrelated to technology. The time and desi help of technology which makes life a bit easier and convenient. The convergence of technology with the environment and human beings may also play vital roles for the encouragement of the development of new systems that reliably changes the lifestyle of human beings and society. INTERNET-BASED SMART HOME AUTOMATION SYSTEM The world is moving towards technology without which none can exist normally because everyone knowingly or unknowingly is a part of the technology that plays a role in daily life. This is the technology era so must be living with technology makes a bit of comfort in life.

The main objective of this project is to provide a convenient and easy way for busy and modern and handicapped /disabled people for controlling, monitoring and operating the various devices remotely in an efficient manner

Some of its objectives can be listed below:

1. Support for long-distance i.e. remote operational.

2.Reduction of physical Labor.

3. It can be operated with wireless remote and LAN (for Indoor operation) and Internet for outdoor operation.

4. Reduce the complexity of the traditional lifestyle.

5. To make the system easily configurable, on basis of needs of the user; activating and deactivating various sensors and modes.

6.Easy, comfortable, flexible, and efficient controlling and monitor system.

7.Low power consumption and long-life system.

8.Control low and high voltage devices.

9. Lower time consumption i.e. saves time efficiently. 10.Useful for handicapped and disabled persons.

Before starting project work, initial or preliminary research work is must accompany the relevant literature which is going on. During the initial research phase, we were looking at many research papers based on this project or related projects such that it can be modified to generate a new one. Modification and generation of new revolutionized systems is the nature of human beings.

Several research papers provided us ground ideas for the project to carry out a project entitled “INTERNET-BASED SMART HOME AUTOMATION SYSTEM“. Although Various research papers show the use of different techniques. We had chosen such technology and a platform that could easily be manifest and manipulated as accordingly.

Not only that the recovery of various limitations of our 7th-semester project work Entitled “AN IR REMOTE CONTROLLED HOME AUTOMATION SYSTEM

Ensure The Securities In IoT For Smart Home Monitoring System | Z Wave India

Ensure The Securities In IoT For Smart Home Monitoring System | Z Wave India

04/05/2020 | Ashwanth k

The smart home automation using IOT could also be a wireless home security project. In today’s world security for a home is essential. If any sensors found any intruders, then it’ll send an alert message and for faster data transmission the sensor plays a significant role, which is used to manage and monitor the system. to supply security for the transmitted data the data EncryptionStandard and RSA algorithms are used. during this proposed system the safety algorithms used are highly reliable and it’ll consume very less time as compared with the prevailing system. IoT involves extending internet connectivity in many devices like desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. connecting a TV to the web could be considered as a traditional scenario since it might make our life easier. However, the only fact of connecting such devices to the IoT world might generate a possible vulnerability since the hardening standard remains not in situ to guard such devices. Additionally, the danger arises because the SHAS is getting used to handling physical security services, like opening doors or preventing burglars from entering an area.

Security Approaches

A monitoring system is made for the home automation system Internet connectivity for all types of devices and physical objects in real-time systems. This paper wants to provide security for the info.

The physical items in IoT which contain the installed innovation are encouraged in creating a machine to machine or man to machine correspondence. This provides data about the safety provided for the stand-alone system.

Home automated systems have a remote-controlled operation. This paper tells about the matter of providing security for the info. The home Automation System requires heterogeneous, endless, and distributed computing environment’s careful study to develop the acceptable HAS.

We are proposing a sensible home automation system with some sensors. The Arduino may be a crucial sensor and acts as a brain of the system and it will receive all the data sent by the sensors. The Arduino board is employed to transfer the collected data to the cloud for storage. During data transmission, to stop the info from intruders an algorithm named Data EncryptionStandard and RSA is employed. This algorithm provides confidentiality and security for the info by comparing their efficiency. in order that the info is often prevented from the third partySystem Design

The Data Encryption Standard (DES) may be a symmetric-key block cipher that wants to provide encryption for the info. DES is an implementation of a Feistel Cipher. It uses a 16 round Feistel Structure. The block size is 64-bit. Though the key length is 64- bit, DES has an efficient key length of 56 bits since 8 of the 64 bits of the key aren’t employed by the encryption algorithm(function as check bits only)Hardware Requirements

the brain of the system and processes the knowledge from the detector and facilitates the shift ON/OFF of the electrical appliances. Arduino is an associate ASCII document physics platform supported easy-to-use hardware and code. Arduino boards are ready to browse inputs – light-weight detector, a finger on a button, or a Twitter message-and switch it into an associate output – activating a motor, turning on the associated diode, business one thing online.it consists of every physical programmable computer circuit and a touch of code, or IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that runs on your pc, used to write and transfer writing to the physical board.Intrusion Within The Cloud

IoT systems use a cloud for data analysis, storage, and management. Since cloud suppliers are answerable for security.Cloud foundation working in Internet conventions, which may energize potential aggressors. While a part of the responsibility lies with the cloud provider, device manufacturers are liable for the top user.

Smart Home Automation – Get Your Basics Right | Z Wave India

Smart Home Automation – Get Your Basics Right | Z Wave India

05/05/2020 | Ashwanth k

If you have a busy life, if you are tech-savvy, if you have limited time to coordinate things at home, then smart home automation systems are for you. They can provide an alternative way for you to easily control, automate, and schedule your daily routines so you don’t have to worry about them. So you can remain independent. 

What Is A Smart Home Again?

A shrewd home that can deal with itself. A home that sets the security alarm when needed, A home that senses your presence and mood and adjusts itself to suit your needs. A home that is always connected with you no matter where you are.

Is Home Automation The Same?

Yes. Home automation is where electrical/electronic devices are made to interact and modify the environment by accomplishing specialized tasks as per the homeowner’s needs and tastes.

What About Intelligent Control?

Intelligent control is where sensors are retrofitted to monitor, control, and report the status of the home environment, and a control agent like a smart hub, which acts on the information provided by the sensors.


No, not for all systems. An internal network is a powerline, bus line and or a wireless system. A server portal is a software that controls common appliances found at home, schedule tasks, supports several different interfaces to the outside world, such as Zigbee, z-wave, etc

What can a smart home do? 

A smart home can control appliances, your media, climate/air control, background music, central heating, safeguard doors and windows, video intercom, central AC, Lights & shades, and much more. 


Thanks to the smart speakers and digital assistants, you can now control your home using voice commands. You can also use your smartphone or any smart device with a connection to control, monitor your home. Alternatively 

Z Wave India provides free and impartial information and advisory service to help you choose the right product for you.

Things To Consider For Your Smart Home Project | Z Wave India

Things To Consider For Your Smart Home Project | Z Wave India

05/05/2020 | Ashwanth k

Thinking of leaping into the Smart Home revolution or buying some smart home products to try the smart life that everyone is talking about? That’s great!. Here are a few things you should consider before making a purchase. Our experts have 20 plus years of experience in serving various customers and setting up thousands of smart homes worldwide. Here’s what they have to say, 

Accessibility –

The first thing to consider is who all will need access to your home. How many people would need access on a daily basis and how many would need access occasionally but often. Next is to think of access to a smartphone or a smart device for all these people. Can everyone control a tablet or smartphone is something you need to think before buying smart products? Can your grandparents, kids, maids, occasional cousins, and friends need access to control the products that you are thinking to buy, if yes, how would they get access? Does the product support access sharing? Is it secure enough? Answers to these questions would help you figure out what kind of products are the best fit for your Smart Home Project.

Appliances –

What all the appliances you want to control? What all the appliances you want to control are worth automating? Answer to the second question lies in how often you use these appliances? Do you want to control one, two, or more than 3 appliances per room? You should really sit down and make a list of all the things you want to control, this will help you decide what kind of system you would need to control all these devices. 

Complexity –

How much complexity can you handle? Everybody has their own appetite for handling technical things. If you can’t troubleshoot your own laptop or PC then you are better off getting a system that is not complex, but fairly easy to be installed and maintained. Choosing a more complicated system would mean you would need an expert to install and troubleshoot every time something goes off. Think about how much time and money you can invest in the future to maintain this Smart Home Automation system you are thinking of buying. 

Wired Or Wireless –

Your smart home system can send data and communicate via a wired or wireless connection. Wired systems were popular because of their reliability and ability to cover large areas. However, these systems are expensive, complex, and high maintenance. Wireless systems have improved a lot in the last 10 years. Wireless home automation systems now have better coverage, low energy consumption rates, more reliable connections, and others. These systems are simple, cheaper, and easier to maintain. 

Cost –

Think of a budget. Think of an upper limit you want to spend on automating your home and then think of how you want to spend that money. Do you prefer buying a home automation system that has a one time cost? Or a system that has an ongoing billing ?. Consider variable costs and expenses like installation support, ongoing technical support, upgrades, and maintenance. 

Amazing Smart Home Automation Lighting | Smart Home Automation | Z Wave India

Amazing Smart Home Automation Lighting | Smart Home Automation | Z Wave India

05/05/2020 | Ashwanth k

Lighting control includes Lights, Touch Switches, PIR, Lux and motion detectors, Dimmer modules, user feedback mechanisms

Z-Wave India offers integrated lighting automation and control. Lighting that sets the perfect scene and creates the desired ambiance for any occasion. Whether it is a relaxing evening, a movie night, an intimate dinner for two, or a party with friends, lighting establishes the right mood.

A dim and warm light that is suitable for a light reading, dark and blue lights for playing games and watching movies, vibrant and disco lights for the party and fun nights. Whatever is the occasion of the day, your lighting needs change and so your automation system should change and accommodate your needs at the touch of a button.

Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa can also be configured to adjust your home lights as per your moods and needs. Your entire family can benefit from lighting automation control.  

Modern-day homes and lifestyles demand various lighting needs. Your home lights can be automated to create pre-programmed scenes to simulate the chosen lifestyles. 

Dimmers do not just set the warm and hue of the lights with the right atmosphere and create specific entertainment options, they can save money too. Most of the time we do not need to set our lights to full brightness to light a room, and if you dim your lights you are using less energy to run them. 

This is the aim of the new dimming technology, in addition to the integration of energy-saving alternatives such as LED lamps Smart Home Automation lighting.

Your outdoor lights can be turned on by a lux level sensor, and your entrance and alley lights can be activated by a motion sensor. Occupancy PIR sensing, which turns off lights when they are not needed, makes our lighting control solutions ideal also for special applications such as light management in corridors and staircases. Comfort, convenience, energy-saving, and enhanced lifestyle at a single touch are assured. 

Smart Home Help Guide | Frequently Asked Questions | Z Wave India

Smart Home Help Guide | Frequently Asked Questions | Z Wave India

05/05/2020 | Ashwanth k

What Is A Z-Wave Controller? Do I Need One?

A Z-Wave controller is the foundation of your smart home. It is the brain that controls and allows other devices in your home to communicate with each other and to create a ‘smart home.’ Our controllers are compatible with smart devices from many brands, so you can add sensors, switches, thermostats, and more to your Z-Wave controller.

Which Z-Wave Controller Is Best For Me?

We offer a wide range of hubs so whether you’re looking to start small or install a complete home automation setup, Z-Wave India has an option that’s right for you. We offer the basics of home control and device monitoring and are ideal for anyone looking to try home automation for The Z-Wave security usage highlights 128-piece encryption and is additionally utilized by a portion of the world’s most security-cognizant organizations, including significant lock makers the first time. The Z-Wave controller offers a more complete solution, with support for cameras and advanced scene control, as well as control for up to 80 Z-Wave and Wi-Fi devices. The Z-Wave Plus offers more power and processing speed, enabling simultaneous control of up to 150 devices, and it’s also compatible with Zigbee devices.

How Secure Is My Z-Wave System?

Extremely secure. The Z-Wave security implementation features 128-bit encryption and is also used by some of the world’s most security-conscious companies, including major lock manufacturers.

Why Does Z-Wave Use Different Communications Systems?

To maximize compatibility. Our philosophy is quite simple: We think you should be able to choose your preferred brand and model of the thermostat, door lock, sensor, and other smart devices. Unlike other companies that constrain your ability to use products outside their ecosystem, we believe you should be able to use any device from any brand—and we’re integrating more products every day.

What Is The Range Of My Z-Wave Controller, And Can I Extend It?

Keep in mind that Z-Wave uses at least two wireless communication systems: Wi-Fi for cameras and Z-Wave for most other devices. Your Wi-Fi cameras should work in any place in your home or office you can utilize your cell phone. At the point when required, you can include a Wi-Fi run extender. Z-Wave and Zigbee gadgets naturally make work systems, so for best outcomes, you ought to guarantee that at any rate, one gadget is inside 25 feet of your controller, and the next gadget inside in any event 25 feet of that one, etc..

Can Z-Wave Work Without The Internet?

Yes. If you have a Z-Wave Edge, Z-Wave Plus, or Z-Wave Secure, your system will work all the time, even when your internet service goes down. You will not be able to access the system remotely, but the system will continue to work—and if equipped with cellular backup capability, your Z-Wave system can also send out text and/or email notifications without the Internet.

With Z-Wave Offering New Optional Services, Will Monthly Fees Be Required?

No. Z-Wave Home Controllers are sold with our commitment that no monthly fees are required, and this will not change. You can self-monitor your system using the Z-Wave App for no charge, but if you’d like to add additional services or layers of security, such as our Z-WaveProtect Professional Monitoring Service, you can do so on a monthly or yearly basis, with fees that are in-line with, and often more affordable than, those you might get through traditional security companies.

Can I Trigger Events Based On My Smartphone’s Location?

Yes. Through Z-Wave and your Smartphone, you can trigger events like thermostat adjustments, notifications, or other automated responses.

Making Smart Home Life Simpler | Home Automation | Z Wave India

Making Smart Home Life Simpler | Home Automation | Z Wave India

05/05/2020 | Ashwanth k

As innovation progresses an ever-increasing number of gadgets are getting remote, bringing the fantasy of a completely computerized home nearer to the real world. With the Z-Wave India Smart Home system, you can let your appliances do the hard work for you, delivering control to your smartphone or tablet screen. The Z-Wave India system will save you time and energy so you can focus on enjoying the things that are important to you.

What makes the Z-Wave India Smart Home system different from other systems is the way that products can interact with each other. This is done by setting up rules that are personalized to the user and communicate with the products via the universal gateway and the App.

If the user has the Z-Wave India Smart Home system installed in multiple properties then they can quickly view what is happening in each property by tapping on the property name. They can add personalized pictures to the properties. These pictures can be taken and uploaded as many times as needed. 

At any time the user can press the scan my home icon and quickly get an overview on every Z-Wave India Smart Home Automation product in their property. Ideal when you are leaving the property and you want to make sure everything is secure and safe.

All our products can be controlled locally or from the App. To control using our app, the user taps on the icon, allowing control. For example, on the thermostat control, the user can click on the arrow buttons to adjust the temperature up and down.

The Z-Wave India Electric Monitor simply clips around the live outgoing meter tail which goes to the fuse box (not neutral) what’s more, reports back to the client through the App, giving day by day utilization and execution diagrams. The user can then see where savings can be made in the future.

Smart Plug

The Z-Wave India Smart plug can be used with any electrical appliance. The user simply adds the Smart Plug-in between the appliance and the socket, the user can control these appliances from their smartphone from anywhere. 

Smart App Features

Imagine turning off all your lights in your home, setting all the thermostats to an energy-saving setting, set an alert so if any window or door is open you are immediately sent a text message.

Scenes are a preconfigured set of actions that you define in an easy to use interface. Set up a Scene or a routine event to be triggered based on the time of day, day of the week, or even when something occurs within your home. Scenes or routines can also be set to act as a timer, turn this on for one hour and then turn it off. Scenes and Routines buttons show up on your personal dashboard so they are never more than a touch away.

Multiple Smart Plugs

Products in the Z-Wave India Smart Home range can operate independently, as a group of the same products or with other products in the range. This example shows three smart plugs set up as a group and connected to lights around the home. Using the rules engine with the smart plugs, the lights can be turned on individually or as a group. They can also be set to interact with other products in the Z-Wave India Smart Home range. All controlled from anywhere via the App on your Smartphone.

How To Set Up Smart Home Automation Products | Z Wave India

How To Set Up Smart Home Automation Products | Z Wave India

05/05/2020 | Ashwanth k

Our experts are at work again, helping you with your queries, giving you tips and tricks of Smart Home Automation Systems. In this article, we will cover all the range of products you would need to set up a smart home automation products. Let’s dig in!


The first thing that you need to get is sensors. Though these are not the first things that come to one’s mind when they think of automating their homes, Sensors are very essential and play a vital role in setting up your smart home. Sensors measure, react, alert, and give feedback on the surroundings. They can sense temperature, lux (light level), motion, vibration, IR, gas leaks, water leaks, and others. These sensors can trigger a command or alert a Smart Home Automation Products hub or a user based on the settings when a change is detected in their environment. 


Controllers are your home automation managers. They take commands from you and manage all the smart devices connected to them. They can also take feedback from the appliances and alert the users or the homeowners. These controllers can be a WiFi router, a specialized hub, a pc, a smart device, or a USB drive. 

User Interface 

Typically these are smartphone apps that are specifically built to control smart home products. These can be smart speakers, tablets, smart touch switches, pcs, and any other smart devices that can interact with the homeowners. 

Network System 

Depending on the system of your choice, you may need high bandwidth internet, basic internet, local wifi, BlueTooth, z-wave, ZigBee, or other proprietary home automation network set up for your smart home automation project. 

Scene Activators

Scenes or routines as google call it, have become a must for any smart home. It is the ability to pair and run multiple smart products in sequence, creating a scene or a mood in the house. Movie nights, game nights, good morning, good night are some of the popular scenes that are widely used. 


These are the dimmers, on-off relays, motors, and other devices that deliver the smart commands to the non-smart/traditional appliances. These can be built into the product or can be added as a concealed attachment. 

Security Cameras

IP Cameras, PTZ cameras, video doorbells, outdoor all-weather cameras, night vision, motion-activated are some of the security features that every smart home needs. 

Digital Locks

Locks are an integral part of the homes. They are the most essential part of the security system. Locks with various features like smart code, RF reader, fingerprint scanner are available in the market. 

There are many smart home companies in the market today who can provide all these products. Some are known for a few particular products. Experts at Z-Wave India can help you pick and choose the right products for all your smart home automation needs. 

Secure Your Family With Best Smart Home Automation | Z Wave India

Secure Your Family With Best Smart Home Automation | Z Wave India

05/05/2020 | Ashwanth k

Safe And Secure Smart Home Automation

Are you looking forward to finding the best way to secure your family? Well, in this case, you should make sure of connecting with the perfect source that provides the best Home automation system for the home. 

There is often a situation when you are out of town and the kids at home, this is probably the most vulnerable time for the intruders with bad intentions to get in your home. Thus, one of the single biggest reasons to integrate a smart IoT based smart security and home automation system with your property’s main entrance. 

Here, you need to find out all good details as to whether it would be possible to get the ultimate system that would prove to be of much help to you. It is quite important for you to ensure having a look at the different types of automation services that are available for you. If you make your ultimate research it would surely be possible for you to get 100% satisfaction out of it. 

Therefore you should try to make sure of having a good look at the specifications which would help you to find yourself on a much better side. You would be able to feel glad for being able to get the right one that would never disappoint you at all.  

The Z-Wave India security system uses easy to set up sensors and a smart camera to help protect you and your family. Your safeguard system also features smart home automation for even more control. with hundreds of new and upgraded products that are aimed to make your life safer and easier. 

Geofence- Set your home to auto-lock up even if you go out only for a short time. Many burglars just walk in through an unlocked door or window. 

Protect Privacy- You are connected to the internet in so many ways – toys, TVs, cameras, cars – and those everyday activities carry cyber threats like identity thefts, location tracking, and phishing, to name a few. Take the same precautions you do with your other devices:

> Keep apps up to date

> Don’t use public wifi

> create unique passwords

> Be vigilant

We believe in doing the smart home Automation the right way. More than just setting up sensors and talking to an app, the Z-Wave system brings you complete smart home-styled security, home automation, and surveillance in subtle ways to fit around your lifestyle and your family. It is possible for you to secure your family with the best home automation system. You should make sure of connecting with the perfect online store.