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Entertain Your Guests With Smart Home Automation | Z Wave India

Entertain Your Guests With Smart Home Automation | Z Wave India

05/05/2020 | Ashwanth k

A smart home without fun is so lame. When you have the latest and the best, gadgets and home of the future, then why not take some pride and introduce them to your guests. Smart home automation is a great conversation starter and introducing them to your friends is fun and entertaining as it is to use and live with them.  

Automate Your Living Room

Your living room is where you spend most of your time after your bedroom. Your guests spend all their time in your living room. It is the best place to start automating your home. Make your entrance as smart as you. 

Add a video doorbell and pair it with a digital door lock to remotely unlock your door for your friends and family. Automate your fan and AC to run as soon as someone sits on the couch. Couple these with Smart Switches, Smart TV, Mood lights, Bluetooth speakers to complete the perfect living room experience with Smart Home Gadgets.

Teach Them How To Voice Control Your Entertainment System

“Alexa, set movie night and play doctor strange“, can turn your entire living room into a movie theater. Teach your guests on how to give commands to Alexa for various things like, set volume to 80%, Lock and alarm the entire house for uninterrupted play. 

Mood Lighting Paired With Automatic Temperature Control

Lighting plays an important role in shaping the atmosphere of a space. Pendant lights with medium size updated colors set the mood. You can add depth and dimension to the dark spaces, as well as acting as a subtle accent, providing ambient lighting for reading or relaxing in a cozy corner of a room. Choose lights that fit effortlessly into its surroundings. 

Discover how smart your home entertainment can become. Learn about how Z-Wave India’s audio-video can work with you to create custom and automation of your home technology. 

Multi-Room Audio Entertainment Systems

Distributed audio system, ideal for controlling, sharing, and listening to audio systems in townhomes, luxury hotel suites, apartments, and small office buildings. The system can be controlled via the included remote control, from an included wall-mounted volume source control, or directly by the free standalone application for apple and android devices. 

Our system allows shared music and TV, wired or via Bluetooth with built-in speakers for a clean, professional source and appearance. Controlling your TV, projector, and speakers can be done with a customized tablet, smart device, and voice control to suit your unique needs.

Control all your home entertainment devices – set-top boxes, Blue Ray players, all from one easy to use and intuitive system.

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