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How To Set Up Smart Home Automation Products | Z Wave India

How To Set Up Smart Home Automation Products | Z Wave India

05/05/2020 | Ashwanth k

Our experts are at work again, helping you with your queries, giving you tips and tricks of Smart Home Automation Systems. In this article, we will cover all the range of products you would need to set up a smart home automation products. Let’s dig in!


The first thing that you need to get is sensors. Though these are not the first things that come to one’s mind when they think of automating their homes, Sensors are very essential and play a vital role in setting up your smart home. Sensors measure, react, alert, and give feedback on the surroundings. They can sense temperature, lux (light level), motion, vibration, IR, gas leaks, water leaks, and others. These sensors can trigger a command or alert a Smart Home Automation Products hub or a user based on the settings when a change is detected in their environment. 


Controllers are your home automation managers. They take commands from you and manage all the smart devices connected to them. They can also take feedback from the appliances and alert the users or the homeowners. These controllers can be a WiFi router, a specialized hub, a pc, a smart device, or a USB drive. 

User Interface 

Typically these are smartphone apps that are specifically built to control smart home products. These can be smart speakers, tablets, smart touch switches, pcs, and any other smart devices that can interact with the homeowners. 

Network System 

Depending on the system of your choice, you may need high bandwidth internet, basic internet, local wifi, BlueTooth, z-wave, ZigBee, or other proprietary home automation network set up for your smart home automation project. 

Scene Activators

Scenes or routines as google call it, have become a must for any smart home. It is the ability to pair and run multiple smart products in sequence, creating a scene or a mood in the house. Movie nights, game nights, good morning, good night are some of the popular scenes that are widely used. 


These are the dimmers, on-off relays, motors, and other devices that deliver the smart commands to the non-smart/traditional appliances. These can be built into the product or can be added as a concealed attachment. 

Security Cameras

IP Cameras, PTZ cameras, video doorbells, outdoor all-weather cameras, night vision, motion-activated are some of the security features that every smart home needs. 

Digital Locks

Locks are an integral part of the homes. They are the most essential part of the security system. Locks with various features like smart code, RF reader, fingerprint scanner are available in the market. 

There are many smart home companies in the market today who can provide all these products. Some are known for a few particular products. Experts at Z-Wave India can help you pick and choose the right products for all your smart home automation needs. 

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