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Aeotec Home Energy Meter


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New and improved energy monitor from Aeon labs. Complete with bigger clamps that are large enough to handle most consumer electrical installations. HEM is designed to hang near your electrical panel and suitable for 1 phase power. If you have 3 phase power you will need the 3 clamps version. The HEM then reports the energy use every few minutes to as often as every few seconds. The HEM then sends this data to the home controller which updates the wattage and also counts the total KWH. This is the heavy duty version of the HEM and rated at 200A.

Requires a Home Automation Controller

♦ Low-cost whole home energy meter

♦ Easy installation by electrician

♦ IP43 rated to withstand most weather conditions outdoor

♦ Optimized antenna range – 30m outdoors

♦ Each HEM comes with 1 Clamp

♦ CT Clamp 1% Accuracy, 200A rating, 24mm


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