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Yale Smart Digital Door Lock YDM7116 (Mortise Lock) PIN Code, RF Card, Bluetooth & Z Wave (Optional)


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Yale YDM7116 (Mortise Lock) – Fingerprint, PIN Code, RFID Card, Mechanical Key, Bluetooth module inside

Yale YDM 7116 gives the user all the access capabilities and works with Z Wave & Yale Bridge which enables the user to open lock remotely from any location

Features & Benefits:

  • 5-in-one to access the lock
  • One-touch fingerprint verification method (Progressive Scan)
  • Automatic locking
  • Voice guide feature
  • Smart touchpad
  • Lock Out Feature: After 5 unsuccessful attempts on entering an invalid code or Fingerprint, 3-minute lockout mode would be activated
  • Intrusion/Damage Alarm
  • High-Temperature Alarm
  • Internal Forced Lock
  • Fake Pin Code
  • Easy registration of keys
  • Missing key invalidation
  • Emergency mechanical key
  • Anti-panic egress with safe handle
  • Automatic alarm (Break-in/Damage)
  • Low-battery alarm and emergency power supply terminal
  • Works with Video Door Phone ( For Video Door Phone configuration user would need YRM 20 N and YRM 20 AMC available under Accessory Section)
  • Works with Yale Link App to access your lock remotely (To access Yale Link App function user would need Yale Link Bridge and Yale Link Bluetooth Module available under Accessory Section)
  • Work with Z wave & Yale Remote Control (For Remote Control, a user would need YRM 20 N and RC 100 available under Accessory Section)

Technical Details:

  • Mortise lock
  • Up to 20 different fingerprint
  • Up to 30 different user codes
  • Mechanical Keys: 2 Keys
  • Front Body : 40mm ( D) X 68mm (W) X 340mm (H) (w/o lever)
  • Back Body : 38mm (D) X 72mm (W) X 344mm (H) (w/o lever)


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