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Smart Home Automation Systems Designed To Meet Market Requirements | Z Wave India

Smart Home Automation Systems Designed To Meet Market Requirements | Z Wave India

29/05/2020 | Ashwanth k

The new home automation system by Z-Wave India is the evolution of the well-known Z-Wave smart-house system: it looks after your houses in the best possible way, making them comfortable for you and your loved ones. It combines this comfortable living with energy-saving, using state-of-the-art technology to improve your well-being and reduce your carbon footprint.

The complete range of products is designed for Indian Subcontinent homes. The system is based on a centralized structure, where the controller is the “brain” that supervises all the domestic functions such as lights, temperatures, roller blinds,  shutters and intruders, gas, and water leaks alarms.

New modules and functionalities can be included whenever, making the home “alive” and letting you adjust it as indicated by your desires, which may change after some time. It also allows you to be aware of energy consumption, providing analysis of current consumption as well as the logging of what has been consumed in the previous days, months, or years. 

Wireless, Modular, and Retrofit installations are the ease with our all-new Smart Home Automation system, as it features a full range of wireless products that require no additional wiring. The new smart app complements traditional methods of managing sophisticated home automation technologies. It works seamlessly with any Z-Wave controller and it is completely configurable so that you can select your own themes.

Thanks to our smart Z-Wave insert modules, any existing electrical switch or socket can be turned into a smart switch or socket and be controlled using a smartphone. No additional wiring is required. Due to the compact size of the modules, they can be fixed anywhere and behind any switchboard. 

All our products and voice-enabled and work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, giving users a hands-free voice automation convenience. 

The smart app is also designed as a web app to be accessible via any smartphone, tablet pc. Our all-new modern, intuitive and user-friendly app allows the control of electrical appliances, lights,  curtains, and roller blinds, alarms, timers, AC temperature, and more, both remotely and on-site, all from a smartphone.

Furthermore, the smart app enables access to the datalogger where energy data, temperatures, and other events are stored,  in order to have a clear overview of which appliances are on and how much they are consuming.

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