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Smart Home Gadgets – 2020 | Smart Home Controls | Z-Wave India

Smart Home Gadgets – 2020 | Smart Home Controls | Z-Wave India

05/05/2020 | Ashwanth k

Smart Home Gadgets

Whether it is for your home or a flat that you are renting out, adding a few Smart Home Gadgets will give you a lot of mileage in terms of increasing your property value. Let’s go over a few things you can do today to double your property value.

Lighting Controls –

Add Smart Switches and sensors that detect ambient lighting and provide only the amount of light required based on the settings and environment. 

Security / Monitoring 

Add security cameras to monitor activity in your building, be alerted when someone enters or leaves, monitor babies and children. 

Door Locks-

Lock or unlock doors, set new access codes, monitor door activity, and remotely view who is at your door. Get video door phones, better if you pair it with a digital lock.

HVAC Controls 

Get full control of your heating and cooling systems based on energy savings profile, occupancy, or time of the day. 

Windows & Blinds –

Set automatic opening and closing of your window coverings or shades based on energy profile savings settings and current climate conditions. 

Water / Humidity-

Add sensors that detect leaks, or excess humidity, instantly. Report the problem and can shut off water supplies automatically, thereby saving a lot of damage. 

Entertainment –

Fully integrate your audio video systems like TV, home theater systems, speakers with streaming entertainment, and home theater components. 

Appliances –

Integration with smart enabled appliances such as washers and kitchen equipment would help you modernize your home and save you a lot on your utility bills. 

House And Garden –

Integrated control and monitoring of smart gardens and household robots such as vacuums, lawnmowers, and coffee machines. 

security Alarm system that includes Door window sensors, motion detectors, infrared light compatible all-weather outdoor cameras. 

If you already own a home or rent an apartment and thinking of adding some more comfort, convenience, luxury, and security to it. Making a few simple changes and adding smart home automation products suggested by our experts will increase your property value.

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