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Smart Home Help Guide | Frequently Asked Questions | Z Wave India

Smart Home Help Guide | Frequently Asked Questions | Z Wave India

05/05/2020 | Ashwanth k

What Is A Z-Wave Controller? Do I Need One?

A Z-Wave controller is the foundation of your smart home. It is the brain that controls and allows other devices in your home to communicate with each other and to create a ‘smart home.’ Our controllers are compatible with smart devices from many brands, so you can add sensors, switches, thermostats, and more to your Z-Wave controller.

Which Z-Wave Controller Is Best For Me?

We offer a wide range of hubs so whether you’re looking to start small or install a complete home automation setup, Z-Wave India has an option that’s right for you. We offer the basics of home control and device monitoring and are ideal for anyone looking to try home automation for The Z-Wave security usage highlights 128-piece encryption and is additionally utilized by a portion of the world’s most security-cognizant organizations, including significant lock makers the first time. The Z-Wave controller offers a more complete solution, with support for cameras and advanced scene control, as well as control for up to 80 Z-Wave and Wi-Fi devices. The Z-Wave Plus offers more power and processing speed, enabling simultaneous control of up to 150 devices, and it’s also compatible with Zigbee devices.

How Secure Is My Z-Wave System?

Extremely secure. The Z-Wave security implementation features 128-bit encryption and is also used by some of the world’s most security-conscious companies, including major lock manufacturers.

Why Does Z-Wave Use Different Communications Systems?

To maximize compatibility. Our philosophy is quite simple: We think you should be able to choose your preferred brand and model of the thermostat, door lock, sensor, and other smart devices. Unlike other companies that constrain your ability to use products outside their ecosystem, we believe you should be able to use any device from any brand—and we’re integrating more products every day.

What Is The Range Of My Z-Wave Controller, And Can I Extend It?

Keep in mind that Z-Wave uses at least two wireless communication systems: Wi-Fi for cameras and Z-Wave for most other devices. Your Wi-Fi cameras should work in any place in your home or office you can utilize your cell phone. At the point when required, you can include a Wi-Fi run extender. Z-Wave and Zigbee gadgets naturally make work systems, so for best outcomes, you ought to guarantee that at any rate, one gadget is inside 25 feet of your controller, and the next gadget inside in any event 25 feet of that one, etc..

Can Z-Wave Work Without The Internet?

Yes. If you have a Z-Wave Edge, Z-Wave Plus, or Z-Wave Secure, your system will work all the time, even when your internet service goes down. You will not be able to access the system remotely, but the system will continue to work—and if equipped with cellular backup capability, your Z-Wave system can also send out text and/or email notifications without the Internet.

With Z-Wave Offering New Optional Services, Will Monthly Fees Be Required?

No. Z-Wave Home Controllers are sold with our commitment that no monthly fees are required, and this will not change. You can self-monitor your system using the Z-Wave App for no charge, but if you’d like to add additional services or layers of security, such as our Z-WaveProtect Professional Monitoring Service, you can do so on a monthly or yearly basis, with fees that are in-line with, and often more affordable than, those you might get through traditional security companies.

Can I Trigger Events Based On My Smartphone’s Location?

Yes. Through Z-Wave and your Smartphone, you can trigger events like thermostat adjustments, notifications, or other automated responses.

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