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Ways To Save Energy | Home Automation | Z Wave India

Ways To Save Energy | Home Automation | Z Wave India

05/05/2020 | Ashwanth k

We are all looking to save energy, but a lot of don’t know-how. Here are 5 easy ways that we recommend you can use smart home automation to save energy and reduce your electricity and water bills. 

Smart Scenes

Smart home scenes are the routines that you set for your home using smart devices. A simple scene that turns off everything except for your refrigerator, alarm, and security systems and your bedroom. Set scenes to turn off everything when you are out, when you are on vacation, when not in use. 

Schedule Water Motors And Heaters

While scenes are an automated way to run routines to save energy, schedules are a way to save energy from bad habits. We all turn on the water heaters and forget to turn them off. Or the iron boxes or the water motors. An easy way to save energy from this bad habit is to set schedules to turn off the heaters, motors, or iron boxes after 5 or 10 mins in use, no matter when you use it. This actually gives you a lot of peace of mind too. Try it!

Windows And Shades

Invoke that nature lover in you. This tip to save energy will actually improve your health too. Letting natural air and light come in will actually cut down your use of electricity for lighting, ventilation, and cooling. Set automatic scheduled to open and close, windows, shades, doors, and ventilators for optimum use of natural resources.   

Use LED Strips

If you haven’t already, you should do it now. LED strips and bulbs are a great way to illuminate your rooms, corridors, stairs, and hallways. LED lights give out bright light and also allow you to choose the color of your choice as per your mood. You can pair these lights with motion detectors for even more savings. On average it is believed that LED bulbs cost less than 150 rupees per year to operate on regular use. 

Motion Activated Lights 

Do we need all the rooms, corridors, stairs, outdoor areas illuminated all the time? No. Set motion-activated lights wherever possible and add motion detectors when regular lights need to be there. Using light only when you need them will cut down 805 usages and improve your light’s life by the same. 

So, stop thinking and start doing. Saving energy is really important. It is really as easy as setting it up once and save energy for life. Easy habits, Smart life, automated living, home automation, you call it whatever you want, they all lead to the same choices. 

Z-Wave India has helped thousands of its customers set up energy-efficient homes. Let us help you help yourself save energy and reduce your power and utility bills.

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