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How To Make Most Of Your Z-Wave Sensors

How To Make Most Of Your Z-Wave Sensors

05/05/2020 | Ashwanth k


One of the things we love most about Z-Wave products is how versatile they are. A single device can have many different applications and uses! In today’s blog, we’re going to look at the Dome Z-Wave Alarm Siren and talk about the different ways you can make it part of your everyday life. Dome’s alarm siren sensor is more than just a loud siren for security. It has ten different programmable chimes and three-volume levels, so homeowners can set pleasant alerts and sound notifications for all sorts of events. Keep reading to explore the possibilities!

Set Daily Reminders

If you struggle to get out the door on time each morning, why not set up a friendly alert that lets you know that you have 15 minutes left before it’s time to head to work? The chime will help keep you on track. You can also set up reminders for other events throughout the day, such as an alert that it’s time to take a medication or water the plants.

Know When The Kids Arrive Home From School

A simple chirp can be a helpful notification that a family member has left for the day or is home from work. Just connect your Z-Wave siren to the door sensors attached to the entryway, backdoor, and even the garage. You’ll never have to worry about a family member sneaking up on you while you’re washing the dishes or watching TV.

Warn Off Intruders

It’s not enough to know that an intruder is trying to enter your home—you need the intruder to know that you know! Just set up the alarm siren to ring out as soon as the unauthorized entry is detected. The person attempting to break into your home will get the picture that your home has an alarm system, and they’ll book it away from your property.

Be Aware Of Danger Instantly

The alarm siren can provide other useful alerts for you and your family. You can connect the siren to your smoke detector, CO detector, and water leak sensors. That way, you’ll know instantly about any environmental threats. If a broken pipe is flooding your basement or bathroom, the siren can send out visual and audible alerts so that you can immediately do damage control (assuming you don’t have an automatic water main shut-off valve to stop water leaks the moment they’re detected).

Tell Everyone It’s Dinner Time

Having trouble getting the family to come downstairs to spend some quality time around the dinner table? Instead of shouting around the house to “come and get it,” just pull out your smartphone and turn on the “Dinner” chime. Everyone will hear and know that it’s chow time.

Stay In The Loop Even When You Can’t Hear

There are times when an audible alert isn’t the most effective option. What if you’re in the living room watching an action movie with the volume turned all the way up or listening to music while wearing noise-canceling headphones? Well, all you need to do is set up visual alerts for your alarm siren. You can connect your siren to your TV or smartphone and have it send you a visual message instead of (or in addition to) the audible chime.

Make Life Easier For Family Members With Disabilities

If someone in your home struggles with hearing or vision loss, a smart siren allows them to easily keep track of what’s going on. A family member without sight can be alerted by a chime when someone enters their room, and a visual alert on the television might help deaf loved ones stay safe in the event of a fire or other emergency. The siren’s flexible design ensures that you can prioritize the alerts that matter most for your family.

With a Z-Wave alarm siren, you can do so much to make the technology fit your lifestyle and personality. Ready to set up your own alerts? Order the Dome Siren Sensor here, and explore our other Z-Wave products to see how else smart home devices can make your life easier.

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